Financial Info For New Students

Costs for attending TCU can vary depending on the program. This information is intended to assist with financial planning.


Detailed University Costs 2015/16

Tuition and Fees $40,630
Living Expenses* $18,740
Total $59,370
*Living Expenses include: On-Campus room and board,
books, health insurance and miscellaneous expenses
For detailed cost information visit:

Tuition and Fees $25,470
Room & Board $12,830
Books $ 1,050
Mandatory Health Insurance $ 1,958
Miscellaneous $ 2,500
Total $43,808

Tuition and Fees $46720
Living Expenses $18,338
Total $65,058

Tuition and Fees $ 8,582
Living Expenses $17,762
Total $26,344

Tuition and fees* $14,740
Living Expenses** $17,588
Total $32,328

*Artist Diploma fees include: SGA, private lesson fee & recital fee for
All artist diploma students, plus use of instrument fee
And practice room fee for pianists.

**Living expenses for all artist diploma students off-campus room & board,
Health insurance, miscellaneous expenses, and $300 for books.

International Financial Statement Instructions

Download Financial Statement Form

The I-20 Certificate of Eligibility (required to obtain a student visa) cannot be issued without proof of sufficient financial resources and sponsorship verification statements. The following instructions will assist you in preparation of the financial statement:

Section 1: Student's Statement of Financial Responsibilities

The applicant must read and complete Section 1 and sign it. If self-sponsored, the applicant should write "self" as the name of the sponsor and sign and date Section 2.  A self-sponsored student must provide evidence of financial resources to cover expenses for the full length of the program.

Section 2: Sponsor's Statement of Financial Responsibilities

The sponsor must sign and date Section 2. If the student is sponsored by an agency or government, such sponsorship must be verified by an attached official statement. The original document must be on file at TCU.  Note: If a student has more than one sponsor, the student and each sponsor must complete a separate form and indicate the amount of support in Section 2. Copies of this form can be made for additional sponsors.   Each sponsor must present evidence of funding in the form of bank statements and letters confirming his/her employment.

Section 3: Financial Verification from Bank or Other Financial Institution

This section must include supporting documents that show evidence of the funds and evidence of sufficient salary in the form of bank statements and letter from the employer in the company's letterhead.  Currency amounts must be specific and converted to their equivalency in U.S. dollars. Ambiguous amounts stating only "low or high number of figures", or self-assessing financial documents, will not be accepted.

Note: All forms and evidence must be originals and submitted with a translation in English.


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